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Gold bull is back after 6 years with big message – Source – Kitco News (09/05/2019)

A more explosive gold market is on its way, and we may not see another equities bull market again for years, this according to Peter Grandich of and the founder of trinity financial. “We’re going to see a more explosive, a more volatile [gold market], and that’s simply because so long as the stock market…one thing you don’t want to see if you’re a gold bull, you don’t want to see a stock market crash, because money would be lost and not be able to switch over. I think they’ll be more of a rollover in the stock market,” Grandich said.

“I don’t think there will be another general equity bull market in my lifetime.” If even some of the money from the equities market rolls over into gold, this could create the necessary flows to make a major rally happen, he noted.

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