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The Appalachian Photography Project Is Real And Growing – Tim Bellamy (08/27/2019)

Take a look at this photograph of former President Lyndon Johnson. In it he is in a poor area of Appalachian country and the photo was taken when he toured the area to promote his “war on poverty” programs.

President Lyndon B. Johnson visit to Tom Fletcher residence during Poverty Tour of Appalachia. Serial Number: 215-21-WH64. Date: 04/24/1964. Credit: LBJ Library photo by Cecil Stoughton.)

Photos like this in the 1960’s put in people’s minds that this area of the country was an area of total poverty. Today the photographer Roger May is still running the website and project of his titled Looking at Appalachia to use contemporary images to give people a bigger viewpoint of the area.

He crowdsources images from photographers both professional and amateur to show what is happening now over 50 years after LBJ’s famous tour of the region.

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