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Rob Ager’s first impressions of MIDSOMMAR and ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD – Source – Rob Ager (08/21/2019)

Devil’s Advocate points for Tarantino and Aster: Someone just messaged me on FB with a post about the ridiculous ending of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood being a deliberate mockery of Hollywood happy endings that differ to real life. I hadn’t considered that but will be keeping it in mind for a second viewing. That’s the kind of paradigm shift that is likely to make me come back with a much more favorable review.

I forgot to mention as well there’s a scene in OUTIH where Pitt’s character is offered sex by an underage girl and refuses. Undoubtedly Tarantino was offsetting any potential accusation of being pro sex with under age girls. Respect to him for including that. As for Midsommar, I’ve heard it said that the whole cultist trip thing is the playing out of traumas from the opening scenes of the movie. I had that suspicion when watching it, though didn’t elevate the experience for me. Worth considering during a rewatch.

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