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I Now Have A Sell On This Popular Fad Stock (Not AAPL Or TSLA) – Mike Swanson (07/24/2019)

In the Power Investor group we have been laser focused on a new stock hopefully that will surpass my big July stock pick I talked about Monday in a video update.

I just did an interview with Jim Goddard of www.howestreet.com about gold and what to do if you missed out on the run. Listen to it here:


I’m all about putting money into the things that are likely going to beat the stock market going forward and getting out of things that once led, but are now becoming laggards.

This is why last year in November I said over and over again to get out of AAPL and into gold no matter what people said on TV about it and no matter how popular Apple was.

The reason why is because last year its relative strength plot on the bottom of this chart completely broke down as AAPL fell more than the stock market.

That breakdown in relative strength was a warning that Apple would have a tough time coming back to new highs even if the stock market went up this year.

In November at the point of my arrow in the chart AAPL announced that it would no longer report the number of Iphones it was selling. AAPL bulls said don’t worry and I said get out it’s now telling us there are problems that the stock action has been warning us about.

This was a correct call, but it was a good one for people who got out of AAPL and into mining stocks.

Unfortunately for me all I did was make people angry by saying sell AAPL because ever since that day I get nasty emails, Facebook comments, and dislikes on my videos from AAPL stock bulls.

Before I said sell AAPL I didn’t get such negative feedback. I have no doubt that this is why most of the CNBC people remain bullish on the stock.

On Robinhood the number one stock owned by the most number of people on there last year was AAPL.

Now I don’t think AAPL is going to crash now or go down like it did last year. I really don’t think it’s going to do much one way or the other so I’m not putting a sell on it today.

The stock I am concerned about now is dope giant Aurora Cannabis. It actually displaced AAPL to become the number one stock on Robinhood owned by the most number of people as you can see from this screen shot.

ACB is now the number one fad stock owned by the most number of small investors in the entire stock market. When everyone is in a stock who is left to buy it?

And now it is starting to lag the stock market averages just as AAPL did last October before it dumped.

See how the relative strength plot for ACB has been declining now for months?

The Nasdaq made a new high this month, but ACB simply fell.

Gold mining stocks exploded in June and went up more in July, but ACB simply drop.

I believe it is now time to sell ACB if you own it.

This does not mean that all dope stocks are doomed or are going to crash.

In fact there are new dope stocks making waves.

But it does mean that anyone who owns ACB is likely to make much more money now if they sell that position and move it into gold or mining stocks – and even more in silver.

And I am all about going where the money is going.

I got my eye on a new stock that is likely to become the big stock play for August.

If you are not in my Power Investor group. Now is the time to get in as we are all over this stock now. Just go here: