These Three Dope Stocks Caught A Bid On Monday – Mike Swanson (06/11/2019)

Judging by the talk on CNBC last night and several emails I got from people there is a lot of excitement about the stock market right now with the rally that began last week. It faded a little in the last hour of trading today, but is gapping up this morning a bit.

Everyone is so focused on the short-term action of the stock market that they are not seeing the slow-change happening in the macro picture. The yield curve is inverting and this is positioning gold for a big run, but the masses have no clue that this is happening, because their TV box won’t tell them no matter what channel it is on.

The sector that has the most interest now among small investors on Robinhood is the dope stock sector and the dope stocks indeed got a bid on Monday.

Take a look at TLRY – that went up on news that its largest shareholder is going to extend his share lockup period.

TLRY was up in the first hour of trading 20%. I wouldn’t try to buy it though as its on balance volume has been in collapse since March and it has been a horrible stock market laggard.

Other dope stocks are better, such as CGC and ACB.

Take a look at them.

It looks like CGC is at least going to go back up to $50. Moves from under $39 to $50 are nice swings and that is one reason why so many people like to trade dope stocks.

ACB is now the number one most widely owned stock on Robinhood.

ACB actually broke to downside at the end of May instead of breaking out so out of these three stocks CGC is the best.

Notice CGC did not pull back as much as TLRY or ACB did in May when the stock market did! Those are the type of stocks in a sector that you want to buy.

Now personally I am much more interested in gold, silver, and the mining stocks as investments, which I believe are building a nice base to launch a huge rally as we approach the start of the the next cycle of Federal Reserve interest rate cuts.

Gold pulled down off of its long-term $1350 resistance level yesterday pretty hard, but one mining stock in my list of top five miners to own was up 0.75% yesterday and is close to making a new 52-week high.

I own this stock and I believe it is likely to be the top performing miner going forward for the rest of this year.

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