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The Stock Market Doesn’t Need To Fall For Gold To Go Up (Plus Robinhood Update) – Mike Swanson (06/27/2019)

Well some nut is on social media claiming I’m failing at trading and I’m wrong about gold. The real reason he is mad at me I believe is because I have been negative on AAPL for a year now and he is a big Apple stock fanboy.

His charge is that I stopped talking about my Robinhood Account and that’s proof that I’m losing money.

I was talking about this small account I setup after Labor Day a lot last year and honestly I just lost interest in it as I keep my focus on Power Investor members and my big accounts.

This small account just doesn’t mean much to me.

But this nut is wrong, because the account is up. Take a look.

The account is up 9.74% since I opened it up last September as of yesterday’s close. Meanwhile the S&P 500 is up about 1/2 of a percent since September 4th. So my Robinhood account is beating the market to say the least.

Now this account had a drawndown of -6.78% in May from its opening value. I hate dips like that, but the S&P 500 had a drawdown of 20% in December.

As for AAPL it is still lagging the market and therefore remains a dead money stock.

Notice the relative strength plot for AAPL is still in decline. Generally speaking you want to avoid stocks that are lagging the market and only invest in the leading stocks and sectors.

As long as AAPL continues to trade as a laggard I will tell you to avoid it no matter how many Apple fanboys get angry!

But one thing – there are stock market bulls who get triggered when you tell them about buying gold or mining stocks. They seem to think that if gold goes up they are doomed.

But that isn’t true. There have been times when gold went up and the stock market did too and times when stocks go down and gold goes up also. It isn’t a straight cause and effect correlation there.

Anyone serious about investing in the market wants to focus on the best sectors – and with the breakout in gold it is now going to hit the radar of smart technical traders as each week goes by.

Yes there will be some that sell AAPL to buy gold as a result. But people have also been selling AAPL to buy dope stocks. That’s why on Robinhood six months ago the most owned stock was AAPL and today on there it is dope stock ACB.

Just focus on the charts and not social media nuts.

And if you got an Iphone turn it off today – for one day turn off the phone and social media! It’s ruining people’s minds.

As for Robinhood the good thing it does is provide free commissions. So if you want to trade with a small amount of money (even just a few hundred dollars) it’s perfect for you. You can even start with a free share of stock if you click this link here.