The Coming Interest Rate Cuts and Trading Opportunities With David Skarica – Mike Swanson (06/05/2019)

Yesterday the stock market had a big rally day as Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said that he is ready to lower interest rates to zero if necessary.

The big action is bringing out a lot of bottom calls and buy recommendations everywhere, but I’m not going to make big conclusions out of one day of action or suggest you try to pick a bottom in something like Tesla.

Instead of those type of gambles I think we need to look for what is most clearly going up and what is poised to benefit the most from coming interest rate cuts.

Gold has really taken off this week, but most people are going to ignore it because of the stock market action yesterday and just keep piling into stocks like NVDA even though they are lagging the averages.

What about cannabis stocks?

I talked with David Skarica of about future interest rate cuts and the best way to actually trade them in this interview.

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