Take A Look At The Most Owned Stocks On Robinhood Now – Mike Swanson (06/07/2019)

When it comes to the financial markets the past few weeks has brought huge shifts in the macro picture with the Fed Fund futures signaling rate cuts before year end. On Tuesday I talked with David Skarica about trading opportunities to take advantage of this.

Of course, the biggest way to play rate cuts is in buying gold, silver, and the mining stocks. Gold has rallied up towards $1,350 in the past few weeks on the gold price chart and I did a new interview with Jordan Roy-Byrne of www.thedailygold.com about this that you can find here:


With gold stocks now rising I wondered last night whether or not the masses were finally getting involved in them or whether they are simply asleep on this so I loaded up my small almost play Robinhood account to take a look at the list of the most widely owned stocks on there.

Here is a screenshot of the top nine in order.

Eight months ago Apple was number one on this list, but it slipped to be replaced by ACB as the masses began to pile into the dope stocks at the end of the year to chase their performance.

Notice though that TSLA is STILL on this list as number nine even though its chart has totally broken down.

In short, there is no big change in the stocks people are owning in Robinhood from a few month ago.

There has been no shift into gold as no gold ETF’s like GDX, GLD, or even JNUG are on the list of the top 100 most owned.

Only one gold stock is and it’s AUY and it’s way down the list at the bottom.

So even with what has happened the masses are asleep on gold.

That creates a huge opportunity of course to get ahead of them.

Is the time now?

That’s what I talked with Jordan about in this interview:



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