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Would Netanyahu Ultimately Annex the West Bank? – Source – i24News (04/09/2019)

THE RUNDOWN | Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Area C of the West Bank should he win in the Israeli elections. Would he ultimately annex the entire West Bank? Former Michael Kleiner and the architect of the Oslo Accords Yossi Beilin debate.

Story: Netanyahu reiterated his promise not to uproot a single Israeli the West Bank, saying doing so would be tantamount to “”. The premier, who is in the midst of a hard-fought battle , reiterated his vow to extend Israel’s sovereignty in the West Bank if he wins another but clarified has no intentions of annexing all of the West Bank. ‘I did not say I would annex the West Bank, I said I would apply to Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria,’ Netanyahu affirmed, using a biblical term to refer to the territory of the West Bank. ‘I said time and time again, I will not remove a single , I am against ethnic cleansing,’ he added. Over the course of more than ten years in power, Netanyahu rejected relinquishing Israeli military control west of the Jordan River. Israel maintains full security control over the West Bank’s ‘Area C’, which 60 percent of the territory.

Many of Netanyahu’s right-wing political rivals openly call for of Area C, where most major Israeli settlement blocs , while others call for the application of over the entire West Bank where some 430,000 live among 2.6 million Palestinians. Netanyahu’s pledge to extend sovereignty over settlements domestically as a ploy to appeal to right-wing voters, as a threat to the two-state solution.

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