Home Stock Trading Strategies Four Interesting Stock Charts For This Week – Mike Swanson (04/22/2019)

Four Interesting Stock Charts For This Week – Mike Swanson (04/22/2019)

Every weekend I look through over a thousand individual stocks charts to get an idea of what is happening in the markets. I also build watchlists of breakout candidates and short sell candidates. The stocks on the latter list have not been dropping hard this month and a few have turned up. So that tells me that the market is not on the verge of a big drop at the moment.

Here are four stocks interesting stocks with their technical analysis charts.

MCD made a new high on Thursday. Since it is a big part of the DOW it alone helped to push the DOW up at the end of last week.

TLRY is now a broken IPO. This was the red hot dope IPO of last year as it went from $20 to tap on $300. Now it just seems to drop every week as insider lockup period expiration has allowed the insiders to dump.

TLRY is a lesson in warning for those looking to just buy Uber, Lyft and Pinterest without a game plan of when they would sell.

CLPR is a REIT and the REIT sector has been among the top sectors in the market since October. The stock pays a 2.90% dividend and is consolidating here for a potential breakout.

WILC had a big rally in January and I’m now watching to see if it can successfully consolidate here after that move.

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