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Can Dope Stock ACB Breakout? (Plus MVIEWS Deal Ends Tonight) – Mike Swanson (04/30/2019)

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Now yesterday before the open I posted about how the dope stocks were looking strong. Take a look at ACB as it looks like it could break out and start to move.

Notice how narrow the trading range for ACB has been for the past few weeks as the volatility in it has simply shrunk to nothing. Now it’s 20-day Bollinger Bands are so tight that their width indicator is below 7.

This type of action in this technical indicator suggests a move and the odds are this can move soon as dope stocks in general are now breaking out and rallying. CGC went up again yesterday and HEXO went up another 6% too.

So keep your eyes on ACB. Next month should be an interesting month for it.

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