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Jim Cramer Pumps Tandem Diabetes in CEO Interview “Using an Insulin Pump Like an iPhone” – Mike Swanson (03/04/2019)

Jim Cramer just filmed a segment for his TV “Mad Money” show with the CEO of TNDM which is going to send the masses flying into buying this stock.

This scares me.

Here is the segment with some scary hype phrases woven into.

I had pointed out TNDM as my February stock pick and it soared, but once the Cramer crowd gets into a stock it can become scary to continue to hold, because they tend to be very emotional and sell on a dime creating wild volatility to a stock – and often the stock soar into people knowing Cramer is to promote and then get sold into the crowd.

On this segment they even try to position TNDM as if it is Apple selling Iphones – because that is what captures the imagination of the CNBC audience.

No one can predict an exact top, but I think it’s time to take money off of this stock if you bought in early February – .

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