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Chuck Ochelli Discusses New Developments in JFK Assassination Research As Some Past Myths Get Busted – Mike Swanson (03/12/2019)

In this video I talked with Chuck Ochelli who is the host of The Ochelli Effect.

We talked about new developments in JFK assassination research and how some of big past popular JFK myths are getting busted, in part with the guests and talks he has had on his own show on a regular basis about this topic.

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We also talked about how interest in the JFK assassination is not dying out and why it is important. Chuck shared what he thinks is the best book for someone new to read about this topic and who he thinks are among the top researchers in the case. I also talked about my new review of John Newman’s book Into The Storm.

My recent talk with Chuck about the Vietnam War was recorded after this show and I posted a link to it on my website here.

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