A Discussion With Dave Skarica On The Stock Market, Junk Bonds, and Gold – Mike Swanson (02/06/2019)

This past week I visited with David Skarica of addictedtoprofits.net in the Bahamas where he lives and as this post goes up I’m heading back home. We are in a fascinating moment in the markets that made this a very timely trip for me when it comes to gold mining stocks as Dave is an expert in that arena. Gold smashed through $1300 last week, but is likely to pause below $1350 for a bit now.

On this gold rally that began four months ago we have seen big gains in big cap mining stocks off of their August lows and in fact gold stocks have been among the very best performing sectors of the entire stock market since October the 1st up to today even with the post Christmas stock market rally.

In gold runs you typically see big caps go up first and juniors and small cap exploration stocks simply float. But then at some point interest goes into them too and they begin to soar.

We are likely nearing that point. It is likely to begin once gold goes through $1350 to create a huge profit opportunity in those type of stocks comparable to the action in dope stocks during the past two years.

This is an opportunity we will be first to get into once it begins and I’ll do everything I can do to help you be a part of it.

David Skarica and I talked about this among other topics in this audio you can listen to by clicking here.

Now yes USDP is up again this week and smashing most stocks this year in terms of performance and paying a nice dividend. I talked about this stock two weeks ago in a post so people are happy.

But the gains in small caps we are aiming for we think can be much larger and faster than the USDP action.

Again to listen to the talk I had with David Skarica click here.

If you want to prepare for a high momentum sector you need to use a strategy to trade it and not chase things after they go up. The single best trading pattern I have ever used is The Two Fold Formula.

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