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Apple shares fall after price target slash – source – CNBC (12/10/2018)

CNBC reacts to another drop in Apple price.  It’s another drop another bad day for Apple, but remains bullish calling another near bottom and the CNBC audience loves it.

A person watching this segment off of youtube made this comment “Whats happened is, the reality of overpriced assets has finally hit, except not for CNBC cheerleaders. Same as 2000 and 2007. CNBC should have Dan Nathan on every segment so we can have someone who thinks both bull and bear not just BULL. There is a room at CNBC that these guys go and listen to a recording of BUY THE DIP, THERE IS NO INFLATION, THE ECONOMY IS GREAT, THERE WILL NOT BE A RECESSION, HOUSE PRICES ARE NOT OVERVALUED, THERE IS A LACK OF SUPPLY. I could go on forever with this. CNBC, look behind the curtain and engage in some real financial journalism.”

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