Roundtable: “Mass Incarceration and the Drug War” FFF at Spelman College in Atlanta (11/06/2018)

This conference is being co-sponsored by students at Spelman, Morehouse College in Atlanta, and the Spelhouse National Action Network. The students who are hosting us are as enthusiastic about this conference as we are! This will now be the third Historically Black College and University (HBCU) at which we have held our drug-war conferences. The previous two were Morgan State University in Baltimore and the Florida A&M University School of Law in Orlando. We also have held one of our drug-war conferences at the University of Texas. The drug war has been one of the most immoral and destructive government programs in U.S. history, much more so than even Prohibition. Not only has it destroyed American society with such things as mandatory-minimum sentences, arbitrary and capricious searches and seizures, asset-forfeiture laws, no-knock raids, mass incarceration, illegal spying and surveillance, it has also been the most racist government program since segregation,” writes The Future of Freedom Foundation.

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