Site icon Interview: Oil, Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium – Mike Swanson (11/14/2018)

Oil prices are dumping, but was foretold by the inverting global yield curve this summer.  World markets then fell into a bear market with only the US staying strong into the end of September, when it turned down with everything else.  US stock market bulls ignore what is happening around the world.

We are now in a situation in which more individual stocks are blowing up and dumping than going up.

Junk stocks are simply crashing when hit while popular fad stocks remain below their 200-day moving averages to turn former winner momo traders into bagholders.  Zuckerberg sold hundreds of millions worth of Facebook shares this summer after announcing a big buyback boost that made the stock jump back up into its earnings reports.

Betting against total junk stocks are actually the trades working the best now.  Join me in doing this.

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