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The biggest piece of stock manipulation in history- Stock market analysis – Mike “Tiny” Saul (08/13/2018)

“Will the SEC investigate Musk for his Tuesday taking it private tweet? Those that say they know are saying yes, but what if it doesn’t happen? How will that change what insiders publicly reveal on any random day? Also, the economy is white white hot, and this isn’t necessarily a good thing. If people are spending like mad men and women, what happens if it cools off. I get it, and I’m certainly no one to talk about spending money on stuff they don’t need, but will everyone be able to find a chair when the music stops? Oh yeah, and then there’s the market. Are we still set for all-time highs, or did turkey throw a wrench in those gears? These stories, and more, are covered in this week’s video,” writes Mike “Tiny” Saul of

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