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Applying Stage Analysis To Several ETF and Stock Market Sectors – Mike Swanson (08/06/2018)

At its core using technical analysis means examining the trends of a market.

The best way to do that for a long-term time frame is to use stage analysis.

In this video I show how stage analysis works and apply it to several ETF’s. Most of the time nothing really is changing in regards to a long-term trend in a market as bull markets can last for years and bear markets can even do so too. But there are times when changes happen and the most difficult time to trade is during a stage three topping phase in a market. In this video we examine a few ETF’s that have already made the transition in the past few weeks from stage three to stage four and are now in confirmed bear markets. One sector ETF is on the verge of doing it right now while the leading stocks in this specific sector have already done so last week.

Discover the single best trading pattern that I have ever used in the markets and with stocks.  It’s called The Two Fold Formula.

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