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Peter Dale Scott – Deep Politics and the JFK Assassination – Our Hidden History (07/10/2018)

The phrase “deep state” has been a popular meme since Donald Trump got elected for partisan purposes. Peter Dale Scott is the man who actually first used it in the United States.

Talk by Kennedy Assassination researcher Peter Dale Scott in which he explores the deep political system that was in place before the assassination, allowed the coverup, and is still in place. The system of corruption, he argues, involves government officials, organized crime, and corporations. r.1. Definition of deep politics ; intelligence agencies and organized crime ; The J.F.K. assassination and the Vietnam war ; The many groups who could have been involved with the Kennedy assassination : multiple motives for murder ; Mexican drug connection ; Drug traffic and corruption ; Dallas police, Oswald, Rubey, and the Warren Commission ; The CIA in Mexico (62 min.) — r.2. The CIA connection ; The Military connection ; McCarthy, Kennedy assassination, Watergate, and Irangate ; The need for truth (15 min.).