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Ochelli Effect – Are Tariffs A Method of Creating Shake Down Industries Dependent on Government Help? – Mike Swanson (07/11/2018)

I began this Tuesday discussion on The Ochelli Effect by breaking down the motives for the tariffs and trade wars that Trump is selling to his base. There are three possible reasons for the tariffs.  Let’s examine what Trump is doing and possible reasons why.

To listen to this as an MP3 file click here.

Jp Sottile, the News Vandal himself, arrived in the second hour to continue the discussion. Is a neo-fascist model being deployed against The United States? What has fascism boiled down to in the past? Is Jp Depressed? Has the alleged American Identity movement become stronger than sanity? JP talks about his fully paid for education. What was 1976 like? What is next?

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