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The Best Investing and Trading Strategies to Use When the VIX is So Low – Mike Swanson (01/05/2018)

On Monday I announced the sale of my brand new DVD: The Stock Trading Breakout Buying System.
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Now last year we saw historically low VIX readings, which has been a big topic of discussion.
I did this video for you talking about the VIX and what it means for the markets this year.

Stock traders have had two challenges thanks to this low volatility that brings with it fairly small intraday moves for the stock market averages themselves.
First of all this has really hurt buy and dip investors and traders, because no meaningful dip happened in the markets at all last year and have yet to happen this year.
So they have been sitting not able to buy without the dip they want.
At the same time the small movements have caused some people to take on BIGGER risks in order to make more money.
For instance ETF’s are now a big rage with people and ETF’s like SPY just don’t move a lot. So there are people going on margin or even dabbling into triple ETF’s in order to get bigger moves.
But all that means taking on huge risks, because when the market does eventually have a dip they will be smashed.
Using margin can eat you alive if you don’t have a strategy on selling of of it.
But the funny thing about all of this is that it is now not necessary to take giant risks in markets or use triple ETF’s to get good trades that move big, because it’s happening in individual stocks.
RIOT proves that to us.
Dope stocks have moved too.
And there have been others.
This is why my Stock Trading Breakout Buying System is now ideal for you to get involved with this year as it uses stocks based on my Two Fold Formula.
But buying is not enough.
And that’s why the DVD includes with it a selling strategy to use with the buying strategy.
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