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Modern Day Propaganda Began with Edward Bernays During World War I - Mike Swanson (06/12/2016)

With thousands of advertisements seen by Americans everyday, and a corporate media that reinforces the needs of Empire, propaganda in the U.S. is more pervasive and effective than ever before.

The manipulation of public opinion through suggestion can be traced back to the father of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, who discovered that preying on the subconscious mind was the best way to sell products people don't need, and wars people don't want.

Podcast: Conversations - Charles Hugh-Smith: Is The Web Destroying the Cultural Economy? - Mike Swanson (02/27/2015)

I just did this podcast with author Charles Hugh Smith of we discussed what Smith calls the "cultural economy" and how the internet has influenced how we get information, share information, and produce information.

Phil Donahue - Whistle Blowers, Dissenters, and Progressives are the Patriots - Mike Swanson (10/07/2014)

"And if I'm scared, you can listen in on my phone; I've got nothing to hide. How many times have you heard that? Which is probably what they said in Nazi Germany, too, in advance of the rise of the Third Reich."