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Surprise! A Deal Has Been Made Under Obama's "Exceptional" Leadership - Mike Swanson (10/17/2013)


Surprise! Yesterday the Congress and the Obama administration agreed to reopen the government and raise the national debt. They agreed to kick the can down the road in regards to getting the debt under control though. It's good that this is all over now.

JP Morgan Revealed To Be A Criminal Enterprise As US Government Prepares For Mass Riots - Mike Swanson (07/30/2013)


Today the Associated Press is reporting that JP Morgan is getting ready to settle with U.S. regulators for crimes it has committed against the American people that fleeced them for hundreds of millions of dollars in the energy markets. This is the type of stuff Enron did.

A McDonald's Economy - Mike Swanson (07/22/2013)


Today the market is gapping up just a little on news that the easy money Prime Minister of Japan has been re-elected. Gold is up above 1,300 an ounce. US investors are happy with the markets at near new highs even though individual stocks have been getting hit hard the past few days on bad earnings reports. On Friday Microsoft fell over 7% on disappointing earnings. Google blew up too and this morning McDonald's is posting dismal results.

Traders Excited Over Stock Market, But This Economy Is Not Creating Good Jobs - Mike Swanson (07/10/2013)


The largest employer in the entire world is the U.S. department of defense with over 3 million employees. The biggest private sector employer in the United States is Wal-Mart. After that is temp agency Kelly Services and then McDonalds.

GDP Reports Reveals A Dead Economy As Every Wal-Mart Serves 14,000 People On Food Stamps - Mike Swanson (04/29/2013)


On Friday the United States government released its preliminary 1st quarter GDP report for the first three months of 2013. It showed that the economy grew at a rate of 2.5%, which was almost a full percentage point below what economists were predicting and a rate that is not fast enough to cause real employment to grow as it smaller than the rate of population growth.

The Beliefs and Reality of Investors - Mike Swanson (03/27/2013)


Roberts writes, "the reason that investor's perform so poorly over long periods of time is that investors continually extrapolate current trends (reality) indefinitely into the future (belief). It is in that moment, when "contrarian investment views" are regularly disregarded as irrational fears, that a new "reality" presents itself."

Is This The Start Of A FOX News Smear Campaign Against Peter Schiff? - Mike Swanson (03/25/2013)


Last week Peter Schiff appeared on Fox Business Channel as a guest and talked about the Cyprus debt collapse. After he talked the producer took him off the air and then had Lou Dobbs rebut him - and then personally smear him. Of course they did not allow Schiff to answer the smears.

Wealth Inequality in America - Mike Swanson (03/04/2013)


This is a video that has gone viral on Youtube. In my view this is partly a function of the growth of industries tied to the government that operate outside of the free market that other businesses and everyone else has to live in. These are industries that are dependent on government spending and cost+plus contracts such as the military-industrial complex and industries that are handed money in bailouts and Fed money printing such as the entire financial industry.

Are Dividend Taxes Going to Kill Us? - Mike Swanson (12/05/12)


I just read this email question I got:

"mike, thanks for sharing so generously your opinions on the market! i am in metals. mlps and reits. my lowest high "dividend" stock pays about 8%. i feel that these high dividend stocks are doomed due to the coming seemingly set in stone dividend tax on high earners. what do you think? thanks!"

Podcast: Dave Skarica On Concerns About the Fiscal Cliff - Mike Swanson (10/18/12)


I just did this podcast with Dave Skarica of

In this interview we talked about the worries people are having about the fiscal cliff and the current action in the stock market. We talk about the things that are making money now.

The Unemployment Rate Myth - Mike Swanson (10/09/12)


Last week we heard that the September employment rate fell to 7.8% thanks to the creation of about 114,000 jobs. Some are crying fowl and see this "good news" as a manipulation or lie to help Obama out before the November election. The reality is that it is meaningless news and this chart shows how the unemployment rate fell and why the number people out of work is really higher than the unemployment rate makes it sound in this economy - and has been for years. Simply put less people are being counted as being a part of the labor force: