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Where Will Syria Warmongers Take Us? - Mike Swanson (09/02/2103)

We are in for an interesting two weeks - no matter what your opinion on a new war is - probably nothing will happen newsworthy for a few days, but after the Senate votes things may get real wild in this country if President Obama has still failed to win over the House and as of now momentum is not in his favor.

Principles and Politics on July 4th - Mike Swanson (07/04/12)

Today is July 4th. In the United States the stock market is closed and it's a Federal Holiday in celebration of the day the American colonies and their leaders signed the Declaration of Independence and formally broke away from Great Britain.

For most Americans, me included, it will be a day of cookouts and camaraderie, at least later in the day. July 4th has always been different than Memorial Day in that it is more of a day of celebration than remembrance and thanks.

Why Cable News is Propaganda - From The American Conservative

"Aside from the emergence and dominance of social media, the biggest change I’ve seen in my media career, both on television and radio, is the tribalization of political debate,” says Press, former host of MSNBC’s “Buchanan and Press” and CNN’s “Crossfire,” the first point-counterpoint cable news show. “It used to be, you seldom saw a liberal without a conservative by his side, and vice versa. But no longer. Today, it’s either all right or all left. In prime time, neither MSNBC nor Current TV makes any attempt to include a conservative point of view. And Fox, with rare exceptions, slams its doors on liberals.”