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Hello my name is Mike Swanson. I can tell you about using technical analysis in stock market trading, because over ten years ago I started a hedge fund. I ran it for three years, made a bunch of money, and then went into semi-retirement. I now operate the website you are on and have some things I want to tell you about investing in the financial markets.

Technical Analysis Software

How to quickly identify stocks about to move using Worden brothers tc2000 software. With the right setup you can find stocks that meet your criteria in just a few minutes a day.

For more on TC2000 and get to a trial of the software go to the Worden Brothers website. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to look really good in a screen capture - when I blew it up to make it bigger it got all fuzzy, but I think my audio narration will give you an idea of how it works. I'll stick to using powerpoint in future presentations.

The Concept of Support and Resistance in Stock Prices

Support and resistance are two of the most important concepts that you need to grasp when it comes to technical analysis and using stock charts. Both have to do with the price action of a stock and areas where a stock has trouble continuing to go higher or continuing to decline in price. They are areas of significant importance on any stock chart.

The Technical Analysis of Stock Trends for Beginners

In my free newsletter I use technical analysis to analyze the stock market and when people first sign up to it they get a series of educational videos in which I teach them the basics of using charts, trading strategies, and technical analysis. If you aren't already a member you can sign up by going here.

You may not know what technical analysis is.

Stock Market Forecast for 2011 - Mike Swanson (01/02/11)

I just posted my stock market forecast for 2011. To read it click here.

Note this is an Adobe PDF file. If you have trouble opening it up then you probably need to upgrade your PD reader. You can get the latest free Adobe Acrobat reader by going to

This stock market forecast for 2011 is one of the most important things I will make for you all year. In it I talk about what I think the stock market is likely to do in the first quarter of 2011.

Prepare to Make 2011 A Killer Stock Trading Year - Mike Swanson (12/31/10)

I am now preparing for 2011. I'm spending today and the next few days putting together a special Stock Market Forecast for 2011 report for you. I'll be sending it to you on Sunday and then on Tuesday, January 4th, 2011 we'll be letting about 500 new people into the WSW Power Investor. I'll have full details on that over the next few days.

Right now though just check out this video I did to get motivated for the coming year.

Investing in the Moment - Mike Swanson (12/27/10)

I've gotten a few emails about the WSW Power Investor Service - we are going to open it up to 500 new people on January 4th, 2011. The last time we opened it up was way back at the end of April so you'll want to mark down next Tuesday on your calendar.

I'll have more info about it over the weekend and will be putting together a special 2011 Stock Market Forecast for you that should be ready for you by Sunday.