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Military Industrial Complex Conspiracy

Is the military industrial complex a conspiracy? On one hand it is easy to think it is. There have been a lot of strange events in American history that have not been explained adequately and secrets still are being kept from the public by the government. Probably the best known work that considered the idea of a conspiracy involving the giant defense contractors is Oliver Stone's 1991 movie JFK about the Kennedy assassination.

Military Industrial Complex Speech and Significance

Dwight Eisenhower delivered one of the most famous farewell addresses a President ever gave just as he left office in 1960. In it he said "we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex."

Scholars at the National Archives just dug up some new information about the speech as you can see in this video.

Military Industrial Complex Famous Quotes

Of course the most famous quote about the military-industrial complex comes from President Dwight Eisenhower's farewell address, but there are many more famous quotes about it. James Madison wrote that "no nation can maintain its freedom in the midst of continuous warfare." Of course he said this before the modern military-industrial complex came into being, but it's a famous saying that teaches us a lot.

Inverted Totalitarianism

For those of you not familiar with Inverted Totalitarianism, it is a term that was first introduced by Sheldon Wolin (a political philosopher so to speak). It is derived from the power elite theory of C. Wright Mills.

This phrase of "the power elite" was mainly conjured up in an effort to describe the changes that are going on in the United States government. It is a phrase often used by social thinker Chris Hedges to explain the so called corporate state.

Iron Triangle Definition - Political Corruption

The political science term “Iron Triangle” was coined to define a special understanding between a government, bureaucratic government agencies and special interest groups or organizations. This mutually supportive relationship is also known as a “Subgovernment” or "power elite." Such systems have been present in different countries over the time but Iron Triangles are mostly prevalent in the United States.

Understanding the One Percent

As the country fought through the recession in the 2000s, a bright light was shined on a group which Americans have named the 1 percent. A large amount of controversy has been created revolving around this group of financial leaders, and the majority of Americans are fighting back against them. Are these “99 percent” fighting the right fight? And, do they even know who make up the top 1 percent?

Looking At The American Big Government Bureaucracy

The United Sates of America is often considered one of the most, if not the most powerful country in the world, with the strongest military, and government. The American government is structured to ensure an effective democratic and economic system, rendering it complex. Most people, Americans especially, know that the country consists of an executive branch, which the President of the United States is a member of.

Five Problems With Bureaucracy

Top 5 Problems in Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy usually refers to a system in which selected officials take the decisions instead of the elected professionals and representatives. We find divided opinions on the advantages and disadvantage of the bureaucratic system. But most of the general public is clearly against it because of its numerous problems and shortcomings.

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