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As Gold Goes Up CNBC Says It Will Fall - Mike Swanson (02/10/2014)

Today gold stocks popped up so much that most of them are now sitting right below their long-term moving averages. They have been building a stage one base and once they clear their resistance at their long-term moving averages they will begin a full blown stage two bull market.

Will Gold and Mining Stocks Bottom Here? - Mike Swanson (09/13/2013)

Yesterday we saw a sharp drop in gold prices and mining stocks as gold fell down towards 1300 an ounce after having been over 1400 an ounce just the other week. In my view gold and mining stocks are still in the process of forming a stage one consolidation base after making a bear market bottom in June, which should come to an end soon, probably this month after next Thursday's FOMC meeting.

Gold Stocks Slip To Support On Syria Diplomacy - Mike Swanson (09/11/2013)

Gold stocks slipped Tuesday as news came out that suggested that a diplomatic solution may be on hand to avert President Obama's drive for a new war in Syria. For a year elements in the United States have been pushing him to support the "rebels" in Syria for a "regime change" operation. Men such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham have hungered for US intervention in Syria while some members of Obama's administration have also sought to get involved there.

In A Year Gold Will Be Recognized as a Safe Haven by the Public, Obama's Fading War Cry - Mike Swanson (09/09/2013)

It takes a market going up for a year after a bottom for people to get interested in it again. But if in a year from now gold goes up as much as I think it will you'll start to see interest in gold and silver investments grow - interest that could become a mania in a few years.

This Is The Time For Gold Stocks - Mike Swanson (08/14/2013)

People are scared to buy them now just like they were scared to buy Europe a year ago because the TV told them to be scared. Well markets look six months ahead and we are going to see inflation explode in the US in a few years. So you buy when things are cheap and when the "fundamentals" haven't hit the news yet.

The Coming Bubble Boom in Gold Mining Stocks - Mike Swanson (08/13/2013)

We are in a key transition phase right now. European markets just broke out into new bull markets and metals and mining stocks are next. Check out the charts in this video presentation Dave Skarica and I just did. Once you do I think you will understand why we think the next few years will result in a bubble boom for mining stocks.

Hedge Funds Still Scared of Gold - Mike Swanson (08/06/2013)

Hedge fund managers are still scared of gold and gold bulls are weak. Many are bailing out already on the current move up in gold. There is widespread skepticism over whether or not this is the start of a new gold bull market off of a major bottom or just a fake trap move. As a result few can hold and most just jump in and out.

You Must See This Gold Chart - Mike Swanson (07/23/2013)

This chart takes the long position and subtracts the short position from it. Commercials are large mining companies and huge players in the market. They aren't traders. Most of them use the futures market to hedge their positions. While traders and the masses tend to be long at key market turning points the long-term commercial players tend to be right.