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Is the US Dollar Index About to Launch a Rally and Lead to a Trade in the Powershares US Dollar ETF (NYSEARCA: UUP) and Selling in Gold (NYSEARCA: GLD)? - Mike Swanson (12/22/11)

I am seeing some very eerie similarities between how the US dollar index, gold, and gold stocks are trading now and how they were trading in 2008 right before the stock market crash in the Fall of that year.

Now I'm not saying the stock market is going to crash in a few weeks. In fact I think the market is likely to continue to rally this year and into January, but the US dollar index appears to me poised to put on a big rally like it did in 2008 while gold and gold stocks are right on the verge of going into a further decline.

I explain this in this video:

Are Hedge Funds and People Like John Paulson Behind the Drop in Gold? - Mike Swanson (12/15/11)

With a lot of people proclaiming that the 11 year gold bull market is over and with the recent drop in gold it is time to sit back and think for a second. Yes as I posted yesterday it does look like gold is in a correction and I think that it is likely to continue until the Euro crisis is over and we get a final bottom in what to me is a global bear market. But after that I'd expect the gold and commodities bull market to resume.

It looks to me like a big correction in what is still a secular gold bull market.

US Dollar Breakout Causes Drop in Gold (NYSE: GLD) and Gold Stocks (NYSE: GDX) - Mike Swanson (12/14/11)

As of noon gold is trading down over 50 dollars as the US dollar index has broken out of a base that it has been building since September. This move is coming after the Federal Reserve announced yesterday that it was standing pat for the moment on further easing of monetary policy.

The breakout should be no surprise to anyone, because just as the dollar has broken out the euro has broken down. It was obvious on the charts that some such move was in the cards and with the European debt crisis only growing more critical it should be expected.

Gold Stocks Lag the Market - Mike Swanson (12/23/10)

I've gotten some emails the past few days from people asking about buying gold stocks so I decided to do this video overview of them for you. I don't think now is the time to buy gold stocks. Instead they look to me like they are likely to continue to lag the market and pullback for the next several weeks as they have been doing so far in December so one who wants to buy now is best to wait for a dip in them.