Gold and Gold Stocks

Podcast - Jordan Roy-Byrne On Gold Price Analog Analysis - Mike Swanson (03/04/2014)

I just did an interview with Jordan Roy-Byrne of about the current action in gold and gold stocks. Jordan applied an interesting analog analysis of gold prices to understand what they are doing now and likely to do over the next few weeks and months.

As Gold Goes Up CNBC Says It Will Fall - Mike Swanson (02/10/2014)

Today gold stocks popped up so much that most of them are now sitting right below their long-term moving averages. They have been building a stage one base and once they clear their resistance at their long-term moving averages they will begin a full blown stage two bull market.

CNBC Talking Head Blasts Gold - Mike Swanson (01/08/0214)

I bought investments in Greece and Europe when CNBC told me not to do so in 2012 and will likely being buying more gold and commodity related investments this year too - and part of the reason is the crazy negativity towards them by the useless CNBC talking heads.



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