Federal Reserve

Economist James Galbraith Explains Why The Fed Is Trapped - Mike Swanson (09/17/2014)

“Even when they talked about it a year ago that happened, and so the consequences of changing at this point are serious and every time they start yielding to the pressure to change, they come up against the constraints. There may not be a good way out of that box.”

Big Banks Buy Politicians With Government Created Profits - Mike Swanson (05/29/2014)

By 2003 forty-percent of corporate profits were generated in the financial sector. Banks became dependent on government action for their profits and used much of the money that they made to fund the campaigns of politicians to keep the action going.

Budget Deal A Betrayal to the Nation - Mike Swanson (12/13/2013)

The die is now cast. The United States is going bankrupt in a few years. Republican leadership sold out in order to give MORE money to defense contractors that own them - even reducing the pensions of veterans to do it and making a bipartisan deal to allow Dems to fund their social programs with more of your money.

Janet Yellen Denies Existence of Debt Bond Bubble, Promises To Pump It More, And Will Wreck The Economy Again as a Result- Mike Swanson (11/15/2013)

She claims that the financial markets all look normal to her. Well, what does she call the bond market - which has now become the biggest bubble in the world and when it busts(probably in four or five years) will make the 2008 mortgage crash look like child's play?