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Why I'm Excited About Trading Rand Logistics Limited (NASDAQ: RLOG) - Mike Swanson (04/08/12)


We saw the market pull back a bit last week, but this week earnings reports are going to start to come out and they usually bring some excitement to the market. I expect we'll see enough good reports from some companies come out this week to cause some stocks to gap up and the talking heads on CNBC to get their viewers pumped up enough to go do some buying. Alcoa (NYSE: AA) will report tomorrow and JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) and some of the other big banks will be announcing by the end of the week.

New Filings Reveal Details Behind Facebook IPO - Howard B. Arnn (02/06/12)


Social networking giant Facebook filed for IPO last Wednesday, which is currently expected to value the company at around $75-100 billion. People familiar with the matter said that the company hopes to raise as much as $10 billion through the IPO. The company plans to use the IPO proceeds for working capital and other general corporate purposes. In addition to Morgan Stanley, Facebook also hired JPMorgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Bank of America Corp., Barclays Plc and Allen & Co. to manage the IPO.

Podcast: Dave Skarica on How Tax Loss Selling Has Created Buying Opportunities in Junior Miners and Solar Stocks - Mike Swanson (12/30/11)


I just did a podcast with Dave Skarica of

In it Dave discussed how tax loss tax loss selling has created buying opportunities in junior mining stocks, solar stocks, and emerging markets.

How to Play Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA) - Mike Swanson (12/16/11)


The hot stock for the moment is Zynga (NASDAQ: ZNGA). It just raised $1 billion dollars in an initial public offering today that saw high demand and priced shares at the top of its range.

It is set to open trading today.

This is the biggest IPO issue by an internet company based in the United States since Google raised close to two billion back in 2004. How does one play it? What is it?

Is Live Deal! (NASDAQ: LIVE) the Next Day Trader Stock Play? - Mike Swanson (12/13/11)


Live Deal! (Nasdaq: LIVE) is now on my radar as a potential stock play. Shares for LIVE rallied 286% today on trading volume of over 1.2 million shares - which is huge compared to its average volume of less than 2,000 shares a day and is over twice the size of its share float.

I do not see it as a stock to invest in for the long-term, but it may make another big move like this before the year is over thanks to daytraders.

Intrigue Surrounds Bilgari Holdings (NYSE: BH) and Cracker Barrel (Nasdaq: CBRL) - (12/12/11)


Today investment company Bilgari holdings, which owns restaurant chains Western Sizzlin and Steak n Shake released its fourth quarter earnings report and stated that its net income for the quarter rose to $8.08 a share from $6.26 in 2011 for the same quarter.

Is There A Trade In Marriott Vacations Worldwide? (NYSE: VAC)


Marriott Vacations Worldwide (NYSE:VAC) was recently spun-off from Marriott International (NYSE: MAR) on November 22, 2011.

The newly trading spin-off company consists of the previous time share business of its parent Marriott International.

Back in November for every 10 shares a Marriott International investor owned he or she got one share of the newly formed Marriott Vacations. The new company has a $580 million market cap.

FN Consolidating Again - Mike Swanson (12/31/10)


The stock market was mixed yesterday and is poised to open just barely up today. At this point I think it makes no real sense to buy anything until the market pulls back, but I know that is hard to listen too when many of the Wall Street analysts are predicting huge gains next year with 1400 and higher targets on the S&P 500.

USA Today ran a story about how five Wall Street "heavy weights" are predicting a boom in 2011 - with Goldman Sachs calling for the S&P 500 to hit 1450 and Barclay's looking at 1420 as a year end 2011 target.

New Stock Pick : American Axle & Manufacturing (NYSE: AXL) - Mike Swanson (12/07/10)


The market is poised to gap up hard this morning on news that President Obama agreed to extend the George Bush tax cuts. I normally do not like to buy stocks on a big gap up - at least not in the first 30 minutes or so to make sure it will hold. A lot of times if the market has been going up for several days in a row and then gaps up that gap up ends up getting sold on the open so it pays to be careful on gap ups.

Going to Cash and Dropping all Stock Recommendations - Mike Swanson (11/19/10)


Yesterday I posted an article showing you how investor sentiment is now extremely bullish - so bullish that it has reached the level of bullish sentiment that we have seen at the last three major tops of the market in this past April, January, and in the Fall of 2007.

Lannet Co, Inc (AMEX: LCI) as a Potential Buy - Mike Swanson (10/26/10)


Yesterday the market averages had a hefty gap up with the DOW opening up over 100 points, but then gave up almost all of their gains by the close as the DOW ended up 31 points and the S&P 500 only 2. People love to buy gaps up and stocks when they are high and hype is in the air, even though that isn't the best way to make money as yesterday's intraday action demonstrated.