Technical Analysis

Baltic Dry Index In New Bull Market; Shipping Stocks Will Rise - Mike Swanson (07/19/2013)

The Baltic Dry Index which tracks shipping rates is starting a new bull market. It has really been in a bear market since 2008, but jumped up in 2009 and then collapsed again at the end of 2011 in the "euro crisis.". Since then it has formed a stage one base and broken out of that base in the past few weeks.

Podcast - Jeff Pierce of ZenTrader.Ca on the Strong Rally in the Dow and Nasdaq and Trading Opportunities in Japan, Solar Stocks, and Chemicals - Mike Swanson (05/16/2013)

I just did this podcast with Jeff Pierce of

In this podcast Jeff and I talked about the rally in the DOW, Nasdaq and strong trending stocks and sectors in Japan, solar stocks, and chemical stocks that are making for good short-term trades. We also talked about gold.

Podcast - Ike Iossif On His Timing Models In Regards to The S&P 500 and Gold - Mike Swanson (05/10/2013)

I just did this fascinating interview with Ike Iossif of

Ike interviews many people each week for his website, including myself, and has them categorized by methodology. These people are many of the top thinkers and traders when it comes to the financial markets, such as people like Frank Barbera and Dan Zanger who turned less than $30,000 into millions in less than a year.

Number of Bullish Investors Fades - Mike Swanson (04/24/2013)

I take this as evidence that the stock market is not on the verge of some huge correction or crash right now. If the market is going to have one this year, and usually it does have at least one 10% correction every year, it would have to first be preceded by weeks of sideways action to form a top.

Podcast - Ike Iossif On The VIX, His Indicators, And The Time Risk In The Next Bear Market - Mike Swanson (04/08/2013)

I just did this podcast with Ike Iossif of In this interview Ike talked about the recent action in the VIX, how his intermediate-term indicators remain bullish, and the time risk that may be involved in the next bear market when it comes that no one is talking about - let alone thinking about.

Podcast - Jeff Pierce of ZenTrader.Ca On Why You Would Be Dumb To Try To Short The Stock Market Now - Mike Swanson (03/14/2013)

I just did this podcast with Jeff Pierce of in which we talked about the current rally in the stock market and why you would have to be a noodle head to bet against it.

Bottom Target for S&P 500 - Mike Swanson (11/15/12)

Yesterday was another nasty day for the stock market as the DOW fell 185 points. The stock market has been in a correction since September within a cyclical bull market that began in 2009. We have seen corrections like this before as they have happened at least once every year for the past three years. The last time one happened was back in the Spring when the market peaked in March and made a bottom in June.

Is the Stock Market on the Verge of Another Big Down Day? - Mike Swanson (11/13/12)

Looking at the short-term trend I don't like the action of the past few days. After a big dump like we saw on the 330 point DOW down day last week normally you see the stock market make a big bottom or else pause a few days and then drop again. It seems like the latter is more likely. Yesterday the S&P 500 was even while the VIX fell over a point. That is the type of action you see during a correction that makes it look like it is not over.

More Sideways Action Now Likely - Mike Swanson (10/24/12)

Yesterday the DOW dumped over 200 points and the VIX got near 20. The put/call ratio went above one again and the ratio of down to up volume on the NYSE reached 95% for most of the day. Yes this is more panic selling. The fear is also showing up in investor surveys and even emails I'm getting from people now. This morning's Investors Intelligence poll shows that the number of bulls fell again in this past week while the bears have gone up. The numbers now stand at 41.5% bulls and 27.7% bears.