Principles and Politics on July 4th - Mike Swanson (07/04/12)

Today is July 4th. In the United States the stock market is closed and it's a Federal Holiday in celebration of the day the American colonies and their leaders signed the Declaration of Independence and formally broke away from Great Britain.

For most Americans, me included, it will be a day of cookouts and camaraderie, at least later in the day. July 4th has always been different than Memorial Day in that it is more of a day of celebration than remembrance and thanks.

But for a moment I want to take pause and think about what July 4th really means. Right now is a big Presidential election year and some Americans are divided up in partisan camps. One group wants Obama to continue to be President while the other hopes Romney can beat him.

Politics in my view has become too much of a football game in the United States were people root for one side or the other without a whole lot of thought or even understanding of what they are supporting. Television news has devolved into a partisan affair full more of hot air opinions than real news or analysis.

As a result when the financial crisis hit few Americans saw it coming and today have little understanding of what caused it, but there was plenty of news and information about it before hand - it just wasn't being reported. There is a similar situation going on now with the European debt crisis. But neither FOX nor MSNBC or CNN spend anytime really explaining it to their viewers while CNBC just cheers when the market goes up.

Americans have little knowledge of what is happening in the world.

Last week the big news was the Supreme Court decision - really Justice Robert's decision -to upheld Obama's health care plan. I don't like the decision, because I think it will hurt the economy by making it more difficult for employers to hire people. Believe me I know because I am partner to a business chain that now has about 75 employees. It weights heavily on our minds.

Romney says he will repeal "Obamacare" if he becomes President on his first day in office. That seems like an impossible promise to me. One thing I find disheartening is that Roberts was a Supreme Court Justice appointed by the Republican George Bush. It made no difference that a Republican appointed a Supreme Court Justice in this case.

The truth is it takes more than simply cutting taxes once to be a conservative and there is nothing conservative at all about trying to promote wars all over the world which Bush did and Obama has continued to do by destroying Libya in a social reform "humanitarian" bombing campaign that has wrecked the whole country and is now itching to go bomb Syria and Iran. In my view what this country needs is a return to the principles that made it great - the principles behind July 4th and the Constitution of the United States. To me that is what a conservative candidate would do. This save the world thing just doesn't work too well.

We need to get our own house in order.

As an American I think we can no longer just sit and hope that Romney or someone else will just magically appear and fix things. Yes it would nice to see some changes, but in the long run we have to support the principles that made this country great and pressure candidates and the two parties to match those principles.

We can't expect this one person to come in and make everything perfect. I was hopeful when Obama one that he could make some changes when it came to Wall Street and the Fed, but he did nothing. I have no reason to think Romney would make those sort of changes that I would like to see either, because he is a creature of Wall Street. But no one in the mainstream media talks about the things that really need to be done. TV news is useless. FOX News took off the air the few names that spoke out. MSNBC is garbage.

I plan on doing that by writing a book that embodies the principles that I think are important. We have to act on our own.

Now I know when it comes to this election you and I want to see changes made no matter what happens. But in the long-run what will be more important than who wins or loses this election will be whether or not the American people really want a return to the Constitution or not. Some do. You see it in the support that Ron Paul attracted in the Republican Party early in the primary season. It's a movement that is growing. But Ron Paul is retiring from Congress this November. The movement can't be about him. That part of it is over. It has to be carried on by those that care.
If the country ends up going broke thanks to current or future leadership it will enter a crisis. Whether it then turns into a total big government state or else returns to the principles that made it great will depend on where the American people go over the next decade - on what they come to believe. Will they come to crave more political handouts and be bamboozled into more wars, or else will they seek a real return to the principles of the Constitution? That battle is much more important than the Romney/Obama election and the TV cycle news coverage of it.

That's a battle I want to be a part of.

We in a country that has been in decline since the 1970's starting when Nixon took the country off of the gold standard. It is a decline that can be reversed. What happens will not be determined in this single Presidential election but in the next thirty years.

The decline has impacted the culture we live in. Here is one book about this. I don't agree with everything this man says or believes in, but I don't look to spend time listen to people o reading what they right to agree with everything they say, but to provoked into thinking. There is some interesting thoughts here:

The thing is the decline of this county CAN BE turned around if people get together and fight not just to get some guy elected or re-elected President but fight for the principles that made the country great. Fight to defend them and to instill them in others. Teach them to your children and people you know.

And don't forget to celebrate and have a happy July 4th. Tell your friends why you think the Constitution is important.

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