Podcast: David Bannister of ActiveTradingPartners.com Sees These Next Few Days As Critical for a Potential Trend Reversal - Mike Swanson (05/21/12)

I just did this podcast with David Bannister of www.activetradingpartners.com in which we discussed his outlook for the stock market.

David uses trend psychology and Elliot Wave theory to understand and forecast the moves in the financial markets. In this interview we talked about his trend reversal trading method and what he thinks the stock market will do over the next few months.

In Dave's view the market may have made a key top a few weeks ago. He sees the action the next few days critical in determining whether the market has made a top or whether the correction is over. If the S&P 500 can get above 1340 then he believes the trend will have changed the bulls will be back in control. The next few days will tell the tale.

For more from David just go to www.activetradingpartners.com

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