Podcast: Ike Iossif on How the Marketviews.tv MGCI Indicator Is Giving a Sell Signal - Mike Swanson (05/20/12)

I just did this fascinating interview with Ike Iossif of marketviews.tv.

Ike interviews many people each week for his Marketviews.tv website, including myself, and has them categorized by methodology. These people are many of the top thinkers and traders when it comes to the financial markets, such as people like Frank Barbera and Dan Zanger who turned less than $30,000 into millions in less than a year.

What Ike has found is that he can gauge important intermediate-term markets turns by measuring the market outlook of his guests. This doesn't work like the Investors Intelligence Survey, which looks for people to be wrong at key turning points, but works just the opposite. Instead Ike finds that when a large number of his guests have a neutral view due their methodologies for a long period of time it means a big move is about to happen.

Investors Intelligence polls a random mad dash group of newsletter writers who often are wrong at key market turning points whereas Ike has picked out guests that more often than not are right at these moments - and they use a whole lot of different methodologies to come to their conclusions. They are the best of the best.

So what Ike has done is taken the views of the experts he interviews and creates an aggregate indicator with them. If you recall I interviewed Ike about this back in January when this indicator gave a neutral signal. It is now giving a sell signal.

This is the third sell signal it has put out in thirteen years so it's a big deal.

We talk about this in this interview:

I also got Ike to agree to a 50% discount for a one year membership to Marketviews.tv until Tuesday. This is the cheapest he has ever sold it for annual access and he probably will never do it again. If you want to get the best commentary from the best thinkers on the market then I recommend you check it out by going here.

I have been a listener of Marketviews.tv myself for over a decade now, because I find it useful to hear the views of the top people using different strategies. It's great for learning and thinking.

Here is the MGCI chart:

Timing model:

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