Podcast: Reggie Middleton On How AAPL Now Has a Market Cap Bigger than All Other Retails Stocks Combined - Mike Swanson (04/20/12)

I did this podcast with Reggie Middleton of www.boombustblog.com.

Reggie is a private individual investor who made a fortune in real estate and the financial markets and hired a team of analysts to work for him. He uses that research to discover more profit opportunities and shares it with high net worth clients and institutional investors at his website www.boombustblog.com.

I decided to interview Reggie after reading some very interesting articles he has written on his site recently about Apple.

It seems that now has a market cap bigger than all other retail stocks combined:

AAPL has become the momentum darling of hedge funds.

For more from Reggie Middleton go to www.boombustblog.com/.

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wonder how facebook will fare, so far I heard it will be the largest ipo.

i heard an interview with a woman who authored a book "how to invest in the facebook ipo" or something like this. the interviewer was pretty good at getting to the point in asking her "did you discover anything in your study of facebook that was surprising to you" she said in their financial statements filed for the IPO that their profit margins were very impressive. i think they are going to be very good at finding new revenue streams, from their existing product. they have a LOT to leverage insofar as the user base.



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