Know Where To Find Stocks to Buy

For those who are interested to research stocks on the Internet, these are several useful websites that provide basic financial information about the stock markets and individual stocks. For example, Yahoo Finance ( not only provides a market overview, but also analyses of individual stocks, a calendar of upcoming economic data releases and financial announcements, and other market statistics. The Wall Street Journal ( provides online coverage and in-depth analyses of market conditions and individual company performances. Other options include

In addition, for those who would like an organized approach towards their monitoring of stocks, there are several online tools that can make this an efficient process. Some examples are as follows.

(1) A stock screener where you can narrow down the stocks based on your predetermined criteria such as stock exchange, market sector, market cap, P/E ratio, dividend yield, valuation ratios, analyst estimates, etc. Designed in a user-friendly manner, the stock screener allows you to decide the particular type of stocks to be displayed for easy comparison and analysis. The range options available in the stock screener also give you the flexibility to define the stock values that you are interested in.

Some popular free stock screeners can be found at (Yahoo Stock Screener) (Google Stock Screener) (Wall Street Journal) (CNBC)

(2) A live market chart which provides streaming stock data, as well as those at various intervals (i.e. minute, hourly, daily, monthly, yearly, etc). You can decide on your own screening criteria to customize the screen the way you want. The user-friendly interface, together with a scrolling ticker, allows you easy access to the most up-to-date stock information on one screen. Some popular examples can be found at (Yahoo Finance Stock Screener) ( (a pay version of that is available at

For more on knowing what stocks to buy check out our Two Fold Formula guide to picking stocks:

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