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nick k
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mPhase Technologies

I bought this sub-penny stock XDSL for less than 1 cent/share. I expected it would be very risky but thought that the company was in a very niche market that may make the stock worth something sometime in the future. Their financial statement said that they were losing money but each financial statement said that they were losing less money each time. I also saw where they actually bought another company. They have to have some finances to buy another company.

So, my position in XDSL has lost 45% in the more than one year that I have held it. The stock recently fell below the support level and then jumped up in price along with volume.

Does anyone have any news or analyis about this company that would indicate that the stock may rise?

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Me Too

I own a bunch of this stock for years, closer to a decade. I liked it because it has won a few best battery awards. Once in a great while I will add to it. They seem to have a military angle to them with there all season battery. But, who knows.

It's a long shot that one buys and waits, and waits, and waits, and put's in their will for the next generation to hold and wait, and wait.

Good life

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