Another Stock Is Now Ready to Run This Month With The Two Fold Formula In Action - Mike Swanson (01/08/2018)

On New Years I released a new DVD about my Stock Trading Breakout Buying System:

Now on Thursday I put up a new video on Youtube in which I talked about the VIX and pointed out two stocks ready to breakout.

One of them was Fiat Chrylser (FCAU).

On Friday it went up 5.42%.

This is not some penny stock, but one of the biggest car companies in the world
The chart was lined up with my Two Fold Formula and now it looks like it is going to run.

The other stock I mentioned was ATVI and I think it can run into its February earnings release.

It only went up 2.64% on Friday, so the move in it wasn't as exciting as FCAU.

FCAU simply completed the consolidation pattern.

This is what the Two Fold Formula is about and my Stock Trading Breakout Buying System DVD is too.

It's also about when to sell, because it has a selling strategy to use with plays like this.

(BTW if you buy the DVD you get instant video access online of too)

Grab it now to save money, because it's for sale at a crazy launch release price that is going to go up Tuesday at midnight:


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