What Bitcoin Crash? - Stock Market Analysis - Mike Saul (12/26/2017)

Was this the Bitcoin Crash everyone has been waiting for?

Nope. Not even close. It was just a correction.

So, is the correction over? Here's a firm opinion....maybe.

We could see new highs right from here, or we could zig zag down below the last set of lows in the 11k area.

But when the real crash does come, it will demolish so many folks, it could cause an economic breakdown. No joke.

Those who think "there's no way but up for Bitcoin"or that it "HAS TO GO UP," seeing no flipside of the coin will be the ones in the biggest pain, but it will hurt everyone involved.

What we are seeing is the greatest bubble ever.

And I don't think it's over.

As for the stock market? There's no value in shoritng here, so lets see if we get one final push to end the year.

It's a short week. 4 days and expected low volatility.

Let's see if the bulls will step up again.

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