The Ochelli Effect: Bitcoin Is in a Speculative Blow-off - Mike Swanson (12/07/2017)

I was live on the Ochelli Effect this Tuesday and talked about bitcoin.

"In the first hour of Tuesday night Ochelli Effect Chuck and the author of “The War State” Mike Swanson wander through the impressions gathered by two people far outside the craze that is currently Bitcoin Mania. How is this current trend like other trends in the past? How is it something completely different?"

To download the MP3 for this interview click here.

This was a funny interview for me, because I believe Bitcoin is in a complete speculative blow-off right now that will end in disaster.

There is talk about Bitcoin everywhere now with the masses getting caught in a mass delusion that it is the future or that everyone is going to use it or that it is an alternative to the dollar, when it is nothing but a speculative blow-off.

Oh I think it's going higher from here!

But I also think it's going to crash when the move is over.

But there is money to be made on the move up.

And there are crypo/blockchain stocks rising up and rocketing up in the stock market now.

I just did a post about one this morning. Read it here.

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