The Retail Myth: Amazon is Not Making Retailers Go Bankrupt - Mike Swanson (09/11/2017)

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In this video I explore a "dead mall" and show why the troubles of so many retailers are not really being caused by and competition from online sales at all.

And the troubles are not caused right now by shoppers not shopping.

People are still leaving their house to go shopping, but something has happened across the country evident in the story of this "dead mall" that is causing so many difficulties to many companies that are now hitting a wall and going under.

There are ways to profit from this situation in what are now dead money stocks.

You don't have to bet that a stock is going to crash to profit.

All you need is a zombie stock situation and you can sell calls to people that keep betting on a final bottom for junk stocks.

Every month I look to sell calls on stocks that are just stuck in listeless trading in order to generate some simple income in my brokerage account.

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