Will More DC Political Instability Bring Stock Market Risks? - Mike Swanson (08/17/2017)

Yesterday the Joint Chiefs of Staff implicitly rebuked Donald Trump and not a single member of Congress in either party gave a statement in support of Donald Trump's Tuesday statements. The two former Bush Presidents did the same. And Trump had to dissolve his corporate advisory boards to pre-empt mass resignations. CNBC talked to those board members and got the inside scoop. Several of them told them that they have lost all confidence in Trump and so have other business leaders they have talked to. Now Trump has support - that base of support though is solely from people who make a living by catering to an audience of pure Trump robots. I'm talking about people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity who will say anything Trump says is great, because that is all they ever do. They are no different than Alex Jones. They make money with propaganda pandering. But in the real world where people work for a living or run businesses or are political leaders where they represent people in Congress no one supports Donald Trump's statements and his actions have caused most to lose confidence in him. All he has done is put on a reckless TV performance instead of doing real work for the good of the country. Trump said he would be a great deal maker and is a master of the business world. The business leaders have all turned away from him.

You may like Donald Trump. If you do I don't want you to be angry by what I said as I'm not trying to get you to do anything politically or change your thinking, but this has investment ramifications. What everyone can agree on is that we are now witnessing is an increase in political instability in the United States.

What we have seen is a historic moment - at no moment in American political history have all the most important power elements of American soceity turned against an American President all in a 48 hour period.

He is likely to simply rant and rave and cause more chaos.

As investors this will impact the political markets going forward. The notion that Donald Trump is going to make the stock market go up forever with his leadership (which is what he has been claiming by tweeting about stock market gains) is untenable.

Reduce risks. Raise cash. Buy gold. If you are outside the US get out of the US stock market completely, because you will also have to deal with the currency weakness of the US dollar caused by a lack of confidence in the White House. Currency moves don't matter to people who stay in the currency (so it won't impact American investors), but it impacts foreign investors investing in another country.

The dollar has been falling all year and that is likely to continue.

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