Youngster's Now Piling Into Market This Year - Yahoo Finance (08/07/2017)


Yahoo Finance reported on some news from Etrade.

Just about all account holders are looking for more gains - with 21% looking to buy more or double down.

Margin maniacs are united!

However, what is interesting is that the young folks are now looking to pile in too:

E-Trade’s (ETFC) quarterly survey study found that very few people are seeing the bull market as a peak. Only 10% of the approximate 1,000 account holders with more than $10,000 surveyed said they were considering cashing out. On the other hand, 21% of respondents have elected to double down and put cash into the stock market. This bull market is making investors hungrier.

Of particular interest, however, is young people’s participation. Almost one in three younger investors investors ages 25 to 35 said they were considering moving money out of cash and into the stock market, the highest rate among all age groups surveyed.

Full story here.

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