TSLA Stock Rally Is Finished Now - Mike Swanson (07/06/2017)

Yesterday TSLA fell 7% and rolled over.

It closed below it's 50-day moving average after dripping down for the past few days.

Take a look at it's technical analysis chart.

TSLA has a big run this year, but now that momentum is gone.

It went up more than 100% from it's low of last November and had a final bubble run in May from 300 to 380.

No matter where TSLA goes next year it's totally insane to think something would continue to go up at that rate without ever pulling back or making a top.

The problem is this same problem is the same story for many stocks that led the market this year and many of them are now rolling over too.

I talked about this in a video I did this week:

Get Ready for Some Wild Stock Market Swings in July - Mike Swanson (07/04/2017)

On Sunday at 8:00 PM I'm going to hold a live video webinar to help you prepare and adapt to these new market conditions.

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