Trump’s tax plan is a wish list that has no chance: David Stockman - Mike Swanson (05/12/2017)

David Stockman explains the brutal reality here - the Trump "tax plan" is a one page PR stunt. It isn't real and no one believes it is going to be enacted even though Trump political hacks and supporters act like it is an accomplishment.

I wish it were real.

But it isn't and it is hard for the President to cut taxes and increase spending at the same time and get Congress to agree to that when the country already has massive budget deficits.

That's why Trump has tried to get health care legislation passed.

A bill there passed Congress, but is going to end up being changed in the Senate and then we'll have to see.

The thing is a lot of stock market investors believe the "tax plan" is real without thinking much about it, because they want to think it will make stock prices go up for them.

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