Podcast - Technical Outlook for Stock Market and Gold with Ike Iossif - Mike Swanson (02/12/2017)

This year we have seen the stock market creep up and have not seen a correction in the markets for months.

And investors are more bullish than they have been in years in investor surveys.

Is that a sign of a major top?

Or is the market going to go up all year from here?

And what about gold?

I just did this podcast with Ike Iossif of marketviews.tv to get his take on the market and these questions to see what answers his indicators can provide us.

To look at Ike's charts and indicators we talked about go here.

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Ike's weekly updates and other materials are critical for navigating the market, especially over the next few weeks with some key pivot moves likely to take place. To get his updates with the special offer go here.

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