CIA Has A Nasty History of Manipulating Domestic News - Mike Swanson (01/06/2016)

Very disturbing revelations came to light during the 1975 Church Committee Hearings when CIA officials disclosed the fact that the CIA had been submitting articles with false information to domestic news organizations in an attempt to sway the news.

This history can never be mentioned on CNN or NPR or MSNBC in a time today in which the CIA is engaging in a political attack against an incoming President in order to try to sandbox him on US foreign policy. The networks and DNC have joined in the attacks and have turned the CIA and US foreign policy itself into a partisan issue with a strange alliance of DNC Democrats and a handful of Republican defense lobby owned neocons such as John McCain.

Many CIA insiders are very angry, because they funded and supported Syrian rebel killers over the years who have had the plug pulled on them and have been denounced by Trump.

Many of these CIA people have also made a career out of fomenting discord in Russia and Ukraine - doing exactly what they have claimed in leaks to the press that Russia has done.

False news stories have appeared over the weeks in The Washington Post, with them retracting one of their scare stories just a few days ago.

Jeff Bezos has a $600 million contract with the CIA and owns The Post.

His Washington Post ran a disgusting smear article several weeks ago claiming that 200 competing internet news websites ranging from Drudgereport to Zerohedge and Truthdig were under Putin control WIHOUT ANY PROOF.

There is no reason to think any of these websites get a dime from Russia.

However, we do know that Bezos has a $600 million contract with the CIA.

It might be time to begin new investigations into the CIA such as were done in the 1970's that revealed crimes the agency was committing against American citizens in the 1950's and 1960's.

The American people elected a President with all of his flaws - the CIA is an unelected group that appears to think it is above the President and the American people.

If Donald Trump does a bad job then the voters will remove him next election.

The American people do not need CIA people creating political discord and instability in the US with leaks and unprofessional behavior beyond their charter.

What they need are professional intelligence agents that work for the President and give him the best information they can without bias instead of political hacks working to manipulate public opinion and create US foreign policy themselves.

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