Full Julian Assange Fox News Interview on Wikileaks and Russia (01/05/2017)

In this interview on Fox News aired this week Julian Assange of wikileaks.org said that Russia was not the source of the Podesta emails.

It is well worth watching.

One point - Podesta used the word "password" for his email account.

You can't make that up.

A friend of this website made these comments - "he is careful to point out that obama and the intel community are careful to avoid fingering wikileaks. what this means is that there is a possibility of leaks AND hacks (guccifer 2.0,, for example) and that, as he implies, the real problem is the specious conflation of the two into a miasma-like cloud of doubt... he misses one thing...the doubt is more about containing trump's ambitions re: russia than it is about delegitimization;"

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